I will eventually be updating this page to include more information about my software and projects. For now, here are a few details about some items of interest:

Scripts and hacks

  • reblog, a feed reposter.
  • WHATEVER is Will's Hastily-Assembled Toolkit for Experimental Validation, Execution, and Recording.
  • samplesink, a generic C++ class for estimating mean and variance parameters for (potentially very large) streams of samples.
  • mazegen, a simple script to generate PDF files of random mazes. (Mazegen is also available as a RubyGem.)

Frameworks and larger tools

  • DIMPLE, a declarative analysis framework for Java programs.
  • capricious, a framework for repeatable randomness including a family of pseudorandom number generators and several probability distribution simulators. (capricious is also available as a RubyGem.)
  • SPQR, a framework that dramatically simplifies the process of developing QMF agent applications in Ruby. SPQR also works well with Rhubarb, a mixin that allows developers to creating classes whose instances persist to a SQLite database; this post contains some examples of both in action. (Thanks to my colleague William Henry for the "rhubarb" name.)

Other projects